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Character Creation

Want to see what your character will be like at level 25 or 50? Use the Isengard Stat Engine.

Ever wondered what stats to use? Want to know how many hps and mps a level 18 paladin has? Dying to know what one of your statistics will go up when you level? All this and more answered for each of the 12 classes. Questions not covered by the class pages, disagree with what I've written? Just send some e-mail to me at or send some in-game mudmail to Fizban.

Alchemist (Deprecated class) Alchemists are similar to mages in their casting and ticking, however they begin with less magic points and gain fewer per level. They're somewhat useful for those players who don't have the detect-magic spell and want to know what + their items have.

Difficulty (*****): I would suggest that only experienced players who have the extra resources and have level 12+ friends to help them obtain some of the leveling items play this class.

Assassin (Deprecated class) Assassins are similar to thieves. They must both pledge to the same guild and share the skills of backstabbing and sneaking. They are easier than thieves in that they are stronger in attack and constitution, but sorely lack in the casting department.

Difficulty (***): Less experienced players (those unsuccessful in reaching levels past 9) should probably not play an assassin. They are not adept at fighting outside of a party and have limited success with casting healing spells. Level 6-9 assassins are also easy prey for any paladin of a higher level than themselves.

Barbarian (Deprecated class) Barbarians and mages are the backbone of Isengard. The barbarian represents the extreme in the warrior classes. With more hit points than any other class and the very useful skill of circling, barbarians are nearly unstoppable, more so if they group with characters who can cast healing spells.

Difficulty (*): The barbarian is one of two classes that I suggest newbies begin with. (As I myself first became a more-or-less good player by using a barbarian.) Hit points aren't everything however, you need to know when to flee (or hazy) from battle before its too late.

Bard The bard is my favorite class. An all around character they are good for both melee and magical attacks. Bards have similar hps/mps to clerics and can typically vig themselves well, but do not gain the vig casting bonus' that clerics have. With the sing skill, a bard is always a good party member to have along.

Difficulty (*****): Locating and acquiring all the items necessary to level a bard can be hard (not to mention finding the correct training locations). Their method of item leveling like that of the alchemist is frustrating for less experienced players who tend to need to relevel frequently.

Priest Priests are an important class. They are the most powerful in terms of healing skills. Priests are a welcome addition to any circlers group and can also hold their own in a group of purely magic users.

Difficulty (**): The priest is the second class that I suggest newbies begin with. Priests are a bit expensive to level at first, but the rewards in the long run are well worth it.

Druid (Deprecated class) I don't know much about druids besides no one really likes them. They don't have many useful skills and lack sorely in the hp/mp department. I'd say that the only people who really ought to play a druid are those who are tired of the base classes and have the skill and time to invest in leveling up a class that people feel is pointless. (Note: they are currently the only class able to use the conjure spell however)

Difficulty (*****): Druids require items to level and some of them are hard to find if you don't know where to look. Besides their lack of useful skills, the druid has low hps and mps. Unlike the alchemist, the druid does not tick for 5/7 mp nor is there a boost in casting speed.

Warrior Warrior is a new class from Barbarians and Fighter.

Difficulty (**): Warriors have to battle stronger training monster to advance than do barbarians. With their lower hps (albeit higher mps) than a barbarian, fighters are more difficult for inexperienced players to level.

Mage People LOVE to begin by starting a mage, but really, wait until you get down the concept of stunning monsters if you want to become a successful mage...believe me.

Difficulty (***): Mages are an easy class... IF you learn to stun your opponents and flee if you run out of mps or they begin hitting you. It is because of this (the stunning thing) that newbies die and die again when playing a mage. Click Here for more info on Mages.

Monk The monk has the second most skills (the thief has the most) and are a very useful and powerful class... if you get to a high enough level. Most recently I've been playing mostly my monk and having a blast touching everything in sight.

Difficulty (****): Without armor and without weapons, until you reach the double-digit levels, the monk is difficult to play. Newbies should definitely not play a monk until they firmly understand the concept that fleeing or hazying from a monster is better than dying to it.

Paladin Paladins have the benefit of strength and healing magics, but have a longer casting time (6 seconds between casts). This can lead to difficulty when you're being hit for 12 every 4 seconds and can only cast vigor for 15 every 6 seconds.

Difficulty (***): he biggest problems that face paladins is that they are easy prey for higher level thieves and assassins. They must pledge at level 7 and at that point don't have much of a chance against a good backstab and bloodboil. The other problem I mentioned above, is the slow casting rate. An overall good class, but not one for beginners.

Hunter The hunter is a fun class to play. With the ability to haste and attack with greater speed makes killing things a blast. Rangers can also achieve the lowest possible ac which is a good advantage for a class which cannot heal itself overly well.

Difficulty (**): The biggest problem that rangers have is that they cannot heal themselves easily. Thusly they should under most circumstances group with others to avoid being hit as much.

Rogue The rogue is one of the most difficult and rewarding classes. They have the most skills (5 total) but lack sorely in the hp and healing skills. Non-chaotic thieves are not entirely useless...stealing items from monsters is often more fruitful (and less likely to earn you enemies).

Difficulty (****): The thief is a hard class to play because of their low hps. They are the type of class who needs to group in order to level with any speed. Definitely not newbie friendly, especially if they are chaotic, I suggest thieves for mid to extensively experienced players

 K. Welch