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Items: Weapons

Note that not all monsters or places to find the weapons are listed. Also this is no way a complete list of weapons and the "rating" is entirely based on my own opinion. I've written this in the span of an evening with just my memory for reference, so there are many items that I've forgotten. Send me mail about those items you see missing!

Sharp | Thrust | Blunt | Pole | Missile

Sharp Weapons

Weapon Name Rating Where to Get it
adamantine blade decent lookout tower
adamantine dart poor finwe
adamantine sickle excellent ithil express
battle axe poor university, shops
blue talon excellent hyskos desert
broken glass decent asylum
butcher knife poor farmlands
carving knife poor farmlands
cat o'nine tails good shanty town
climbing pick terrible gajaran highlands
dark blade decent spindril's castle
dhowin's giant axe excellent Dhowin
executioner's axe excellent Eugene the Executioner
flint blade decent thunder cove
galvorn sickle excellent Captain Felagund
glimmering blade good (cursed)
goblin blade terrible (cursed) goblins
gold dagger terrible pirates
hand axe terrible laborers, shops
mining pick poor dwarven miners
mithril blade poor Guido
ork blade decent Kasnar the Guard
piranha tooth blade poor/terrible piranhas
rapier terrible
rock claw terrible cliffdwellers
short sword terrible knights, aristocrats
sickle terrible farmers
stilleto poor warrant officers
voulge poor pirates
whipping cane good Hyskos Commander

Thrust Weapons

Weapon Name Rating Where to Get it
assassin dagger good master assassin
bastard sword poor pirates
broad sword poor shops
dagger of impaling decent master thief
dinosaur tooth decent cavemen
dirk decent hobbit warriors
epee poor gypsies
falchion sword decent farmlands
foil terrible
gold sword poor
golden dagger poor pirates, shirriffs
icepick decent asylum
ivory tusk excellent oligandrils
long sword terrible noblemen
messy used condom terrible mistresses
mustafal dagger excellent assassin of Mustafal
orc sword decent catapult crewmembers
sacrificial dagger decent tower
sharp stick excellent
short blade good raider's camp
silver dagger terrible students
vorpal sword poor pirates

Blunt Weapons

Weapon Name Rating Where to Get it
amber star excellent hyskos commander
bedpost decent asylum
black mace decent balrogs
branding iron terrible farmlands
flail poor Falas
flaming whip excellent Gothmog
frost giant club decent frost giants
gajaran club excellent Kraj
giant hammer of thunder good
godentag terrible monks
horseman's flail poor knights, pirates
horseman's mace poor knights, pirates
lead hammer decent orc weaponmasters
mace and chain decent orc weaponmasters
mithril hammer good Granite Knucklbuster
morning star poor
petrified morning star good
red mace good balrogs
silver-blue staff decent Smaug
skullcrusher excellent Kraj, Caveman Chief
spruce-top guitar good
stone cudgel good cavemen
stone hammer decent Grant
two-handed sword decent orc weaponmasters
warhammer poor

Pole Weapons

Weapon Name Rating Where to Get it
battle fork good Hagginon
bec de corbin poor shop
chieftain's halberd excellent barbarian chief
condor talon excellent hatchling condors
flint spear decent cavemen
galvorn stick excellent
halberd poor
halberd of purity good ghost of Elentari
hoe terrible peasants
iron spear decent Hogoth, salamander
lance poor knights
mahogany longstaff good Falas
mithril jo stick good ghost of Elentari
nunchukus terrible monks
quarterstaff terrible
rake terrible peasants

Missile Weapons

Weapon Name Rating Where to Get it
caveman bow good cavemen
crossbow poor ram
elven bow decent tree sprite
elven bow of accuracy decent archery shop
elven bow of speed decent archery shop
flame rose bloom excellent flame rose
magical bow decent scarecrow
magical flame bow excellent deadly kraken
mithril crossbow decent Grant
sling poor sheep
small ash bow poor bowyer

 K. Welch