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Items: Wands

Note that not all monsters or places to find the wands are listed.

Potion Name What it Does Where to Get it
Blue Crystal iceblade cavewomen
Box of Rocks crush sadists, lunatics
Bronze Wand burn design students
Bubble bloodboil River Spirit
Chemical Reagent stun advisors, lab technicians
Cobweb stun
Crystal Amulet word of recall white pegasus, green slimes
Crystal Ball know-aura lillianrils
Crystal Scepter iceblade sewer mummy
Driftwood Staff waterbolt cavewomen
Earth Pipe crush Idril the Palace Guard
Eye of Newt cure-poison werewolves, tree sprites
Fiery Scepter flamefill fiery toad
Fire Brand fireball gypsy fire eaters
Flask of Oil immolate stegosaurus
Glass Rod invisible Luistrian the Architect, Lars Magnus Grumwold
Glass Wand invisible lillianrils, werewolves
Glitter stun lunatic, schizophrenic
Glowing Blue Scepter thunderbolt Staff Commander
Glowing Pendant teleport baby griffons
Gnarled Oak Rod crush Luistrian the Architect
Grey Staff vigor werewolves
Gold Wand engulf Veristria the Librarian, goblin captains
Hair-Braid Rope stun
Herbal Ointment remove-disease goblin captain, finwe alchemist shop
Jade Idol protection pilgrims, large werewolves
Joy Buzzer lightning
Large Egg remove-blindness Condor
Leather Net stun cavewomen, cavemen
Leather Love Cuffs stun
Lightorb shockbolt
Matches flamefill sadist, schizophrenic
Menorah light hebephrenics
Oily Salve mend-wounds cavewomen
Onyx Amulet summon Tellia the Witch
Opal Staff mend-wounds werewolves
Pipe Weed stun hippies
Philospher's Stone heal shaman
Platinum Wand blister design students
Quartz Stone restore raider guards
Roc's Feather fly Roc
Rod of the Dead remove-curse barrow demon, Lord de'Arnse
Scarab Rod resist-magic Warden Mneod
Silver Wand hurt militiaman, bartender
Tiny Blue Ball enchant Baltazar
Toilet Paper stun Scrandlin, Droolie
Unicorn Horn thunderbolt werewolf sires
Wand of All-Seeing detect-invisible white pegasus, greater werewolf
Wand of Efreeti fireball werewolf sires
Wand of Fire immolate Galdor,
Wand of Frost bloodboil frost giants, dragons
Wand of Lightning lightning elentari's ghost, dragons
Wand of Stone engulf elentari's ghost, dragons
Wishbone fortune giant roosters
Willow Twig breathe-water

 K. Welch