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Basic Maps

Like everything else here at the Grimoire, maps are suggestion driven. What areas do you feel necessitate a map?

Lines are exits/doorways/directions that your character can travel from the rooms, which are shown as black dots. Special rooms (most of them containing perms or shops) are denoted with a red dot, and have a corresponding footnote which gives the name of the room. Purple dots are training rooms, for more information on training look in the character stats section of this site. Blue squares are normally city gates/entrances to the area. Green squares are ticking rooms. And purple arrows denote stairs going up or down.

Allisk Labyrinth Located somewhere in the Allisk Plains to the east of Parth, the Labyrinthe hides Thuringwethill and the Shaping Cloak.
Allisk Plains Dry desolate and east of Parth, the Allisk Plains are mostly grass and dry wind. The Ashen Mountains loom over its southeast end and the city of Immin Lais gleams white in it's center.
Finwe Asylum Full of crazy people, the Finwe Asylum is rumored to be hiding a dark secret beneath its neatly tiled floors.
Barbarian Camp Northwest of Celduin, this small camp of Barbarians has training facilities for up to level 12.
Celduin The central and largest city of Celduin is where you begin your journey in the land of Isengard.
Etolos Forest Located to the southwest of Celduin, the Etolos Forest is the home of the druids.
Finwe Finwe is the city directly east of Celduin. It is populated by mostly elves and other good mobiles.
Goblin Lair The Goblin Lair is hidden in the brethil forest along Leviathan Way.
Haunted Mansion The Haunted Mansion in Celduin is full of all sorts of undead creatures.
Hyskos The desert city of Hyskos is far to the west, at the northern end of the coast.
Immin Lais The city of Immin Lais is ruled by the Empress Patience and is located in the center of the Allisk Plains.
Isengard Memorial Burial Ground West of Celduin the Memorial Burial Ground is open at night to players under level thirteen.
Ithil Express Isengard's steamboat travels back and forth between Celduin and Parth.
Leviathan Way This map shows Leviathan Way, running from Celduin to Finwe.
Merlock Trail This map, shows the Merlock Trail, running from Finwe to Parth.
Museum The Museum in Parth has all sorts of educational and interesting exhibits.
Northfork Road Northfork Road leads to the northwest away from the city of Celduin.
Parth Parth is the city of arts and diplomacy to the far southeast.
Scrandlin's Zoo Scrandlin has opened a Zoo full of all sorts of animals on the north side of Celduin.
Shanty Town Shanty Town, comprised of tents and wagons is along the Merlock Trail.
Spindril's Castle Spindril's Castle, full of malevolent spirits floats in the skies northwest of Parth.
Thunder Cove Down the river southwest of parth, is a small prehistoric cove...a lost world.

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