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Have some news we can use? Or want to comment about something? Send me mail and let me know about it at isengard@dragonworld.com or send some in-game mudmail to Patience.

4/8/99 Triggers Update: A new fully working trigger set and trigger script from Cheetah are available. Also a new Rapscallion connection document for v2.0.2 is available. Get them now!

Maps Update: Fixed some of the links in the graphical map section.

Forum Update: Messages from March have been moved into the Archive section.

For those of who haven't noticed yet, click on the "?" in the upper left corner of this page. If I have to explain it, you wouldn't understand it.

3/17/99 Tee Hee!
3/12/99 If you haven't already noticed there is a new feature here at the Grimoire...a Message Board! Go check it out and make sure to follow these two common-sense rules:
  • No excessive foul language.
  • No crude comments against an ethnic or other social group.

I reserve the right to remove any posts I feel are merely spam or contains material which I don't want on my server.

Also the scrolls page is now back up and working. However, scrolls are listed merely by name rather than spelltype and no locations to find scrolls are noted. (I can't make it TOO easy on you all!)

3/10/00 Preliminary code changes have been implemented!

For those of you who haven't read the "help updates" file here it is:

New combat descriptions can be turned on and off by typing: 'set brief' and 'clear brief'
Class Changes

Barbarians - Barbarians now rely on constitution more for their abilities. The also have a new skill - Berserk. Type 'help berserk' for details.

Monks - Monks armor class will rely on dexterity more, which is one of their prime requisite characteristics.

Magical healing - Vigor and Mend healing bonuses have been altered slightly. Note that Rangers now have better healing.

Druids - Druids have been improved in healing and magic abilities. The Druid Prep skill has been replaced by the Transform skill. Type 'help transform' for more information.

Alchemists - Alchemical magic has been strengthened. Alchemists now have a new skill - Transform. This is similar to the Druid transform skill. Type 'help transmute for help'.

Keep in mind that these changes are not set in stone. Feedback is required on them so if you have any comments email me at isengard@dragonworld.com or send me mudmail to Pippin. The most complaints seem to be to the monk class, however an average level 20 monk still has -5 AC, and if you're upset for not starting with higher dex, it IS one of the Prime Requisites! Nevertheless, monks can now cast mend stronger to complement being hit more frequently.

Barbarians have also lost their +2 hps per tick (dangit!) but have been blessed with the berserk skill which gives an increase in hps and dexterity (whee!).

If you don't agree with any of these changes, PLEASE DON'T: login and broadcast that the changes suck and the dm's are lame etc, etc. Send me mudmail to PIPPIN! Broadcasting in bitchy and whiny terms does nothing more than set everyones teeth on edge. However formal complaints and USEFUL FEEDBACK are always welcome!

Map News: Immin Lais' map is available. It is a small city about the size of Finwe targeted at players below level 13. The Allisk Plains map has also been altered to show Immin Lais and the Ashen Mountains (not actually mapped). Also available is the map to the Isengard Memorial Burial Ground.

On to older news:
Some of you who e-mailed me your guesses didn't return my congratulatory messages. In any case, I'll still try and get ahold of some of you to award your prizes. The winning guess was a "succubus" which is the closest answer I got to the real thing. Click here if you're over 18 to see the real picture. Most people said "leaf" or "plant" and I got a few oddball responses like a pen and ink medical drawing of a heart. For those of you who aren't 18 and are good little boys and girls by not clicking on the link, the image is of a nude (and then some) woman with wispy weblike things on her body.

Those of you interested in the A.I.C. (Anti-Idiots Clan) can visit their homepage at: http://druidinanproductions.tripod.com/isengard/aic.html of course, to join said clan you must neither be an idiot nor a newbie. The A.I.C. code of conducts says:

  • Members must not, repeat, must NOT act like the newbies generally associated with LokiSlayer clan or any other weak-ass newbie clan (define them as you will).
  • Members should do everything within their power to eliminate newbies (see formal definition of newbie).
  • Members should do everything within their power to teleport/annoy/steal from any newbies they encounter.
  • Members should, however, help newbies that wish to become NON-newbie-ish. This does not include members of Loki Slayer.
Interested parties should visit the website and email the head recruiter to join.
1/19/00 Well say hello to your newest Caretaker. I'm usually on after midnight PST, but don't be surprised if I visit Isengard during the hours of daylight. My CT name is Pippin so feel free to drop me mudmail or simply say hello if I'm visible. My area is finally getting populated and should be open within a week. It's aimed at players from level 4-9, with a few perms aimed at 10+ people. The locale may be difficult to get to for those of you who rarely get to Parth, but thats a good thing. It should motivate you to learn the way!

Fairly soon I'll be posting some new maps including the one for my area and some that I've had on paper for a while. I'll be contacting my "guess the picture" contest winners also and post the results as well as info on a new contest.

Khur Khatan, Mayor Millwood's house are both open. Bards can also get the conjure and fortune spells.

 K. Welch