My Day
Time: What I did Picture of it
7:00am Breakfast! After waking up Mommy, I love to have my morning breakfast. I have some California Chicken Supreme or my favorite dry food: Purina Cat Chow. Don't you just love my little cat food dishes!
9:00am Humans always say that all cats do is Eat, Sleep and S*it.... Well... Can't I goto the bathroom in peace!
12:00 Is it Lunch time already?
4:00pm As the sun sets, I love to lay on the kitchen window and feel the warm sun on my back.
2:00pm I try to be a good girl and use my scratching pad. I really prefer to use the couch though ;)
3:00pm I love play time. Im such a good kitty that my parents buy me so many nice toys.
7:00pm Din Din!
5:00pm Time to play with Mr. Froggy!