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Hello Human! Welcome to my home page. Now if you don't have a homepage on the Internet then you are probably feeling pretty stupid right now. Most likely saying to yourself "How the heck can a Cat make a home page and I still can't set my VCR clock!". Well to tell you the truth, I did have some help from my Dad, Frank. He is such a web wizard that I guess some of his web wizardery brushed off on to me. I call it even because lots of my hair has brushed off onto him.

You still here? And some people say that dogs are smarter than cats. Humph! Well... since you are still here I guess I shall entertain you.

There are a few things you can do on my little corner of the Internet. You can click on My Day to find all about my exhausting schedule. Tricks aren't just for dogs. Watch the amazing Tau perform "Stupid Pet Tricks". If you still haven't had enough of me, then click on About Me. Find out all you can about Tau the Cat! Hope it is katnipliciously good for you!

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