Welcome to the Star Wars mostly Black Series Visual and Price Guides. Dedicated to providing the most detailed information about the Black Series line of figures and deluxe sets.

Price Guides

Find the value for items. Updated daily for each of these categories: 6" Black Series, 3.75" Black Series, 3.75" Walmart, Elite, Titanium, Wearables and Hallmark ornaments.

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Items shown with a or represent the biggest changes in price compared to the previous month.

Hover over an item to see a picture of the item and click on an item's name to view more details.

Visual Guides

A great way to see how figures are released in case asortments and to track repacks for: 6" Black Series, 3.75" Black Series, 3.75" Walmart, Elite, Titanium and Wearables

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Items that are grayed out are repacks from previous releases.


A list of variations based upon figure paint, accessories or how it was packaged. The knockoff guide shows figures that are sold without Hasbro authorization.

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: These items marked with a caution symbol have potential knockoffs or reproductions. Purchase with caution.