So nine years ago I cleared out all the pachysandra from the side driveway bed with the intent to do some landscaping design.  This is the year I finally gave up and decided I would outsource the entire project.  Unfortunately for me (but fortunate for my pocket) I really couldn’t pay anyone for a design. I thought we were in a recession, but that does not seem to be the case here.

Determined to figure this out myself, I first mapped the sun exposure of the bed.  Every hour I noted if the area was shaded, partial sun or full sun.   Next I went to four garden nurseries and took notes on all the plants that I liked.  I then logged all those plants into a spreadsheet and noted the following attributes:  name, height, width, sun, evergreen, etc.

Next I found pictures of all the plants and then crudely created a semi accurate representation of the area I was going to plant in powerpoint.  Then I simply copy/pasta’d pictures to come up with a design.  Here is what I came up with:

Landscape Design

And this is what it actually looks like:

Some design principles I tried to follow:

  • Ensure that there was color for the Spring: white, purple and yellow flowers.
  • Vary the textures of the plants
  • Ensure that the plants would not crowd each other and become overgrown for the area
  • Ensure the plants would receive the proper amount of Sun.

The plants I used:

  • Delaware White Azalea.  White flowers in May
  • Liriope.  Purple flowers
  • Heuchera Southern Comfort Coral Bells
  • Lysimachia (Creepy Jenny).  Yellow flowers

The only thing I should have done better is not having it so “arranged”.  However, in such a small area I also didn’t want it to look too haphazard.  Now onto the next bed.

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