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Carla just left the Jersey Shore for her home town, Charleston, SC. She welcomes anyone that would like to share some good food and fun on the Isle Of Palms. Bring a sense of humor and some suntan lotion. Carla is also my first celeb! She had her first paid singing "gig" with Pat Benatar, along with Vera Nelson Small, shown on the right. That's Pat on the left. Here is a picture of Carla's husband, The Lying Cheating Sack of Shit! She has just left him because he turned out to be an alcoholic and cheater......BIG TIME. She caught him with "Frog Eyes"....... Now you be the judge. Butt ugly or what? Here's a picture of her kids. That's Kennon and Angela Warner. Angie is an entertainment agent. Has her own company, Blue Shoe Ent. Manages "Life In General" Check this band out!!!! They are awesome. Other great bands that you will soon see on a national level are................. You will soon see Carla singing again with her new band, The Big Blonde! Check her out. She'll blow the doors off the hinges!!!