Frank Perkins

I can't believe I got this to work!

Marcos Carway

I work with Frank and felt bad that noone signed his guestbook, so here wee go. I also wanted the privilege of being the first.

Stephen O'Connor

Thats cool.....really good stuff

The Schnitzer

Do some work!!

Vince Bohman

How come there is nobody working in there?

Dave Ruvo

For Mike Schnitzer.Ray who? Ray Hasn't made that many errors in his entire career(including Little league)

Elvis Presley

This is the best page I have ever seen!


I'll do your portrait like I did for Kjell! BTW You look really cool with your new haircut!

Thomas Pedersen

Is that Quake troubleshooting going on???

Lukas Karlsson

I just wanted to see if your guestbook finally works. I was answering your message from May 22nd. Lukas

Matthew Cohen

John Carden has a raging case of herpes!

Bill E. Bob

You so funny!!!


Hi.. I'll be back next week! Later that week, I'll have you linked on my Cam page at: have fun :)

Richard Soppe

Great pages! I like the work-cam connection and the Java script timer!!

Frank Rizzo

i know who You Are ......Kraft suck and your fire wall....its easy to hack into.......and uhhhh imm nice files to .....bye for now my firend..

Joachim Meyer

Good mornin, and have a nice day


I dont know .


Don't you want to sleep??

Andrew Rankine

Sorry you wern't working when I called, I'll pop back later to visit.. bye Andy


At any game any time die frank

Jen Cooper

I think your very cute

Gavin Rossdale

Hey, Im a little sick from the band and the loud i come out here on the internet to chill......remember "noone knows, never will, mostly me , but mostly you!" -Gavin & Nigel

Alex Tullis

Hey when are you putting up DUKE? Im sitting home......Oh and by the way.....i dont think your image updates itself in thr amount of time its suposed to....oh well see ya later......!!!!!-----2 thumbs up!!!this homepage of course:)< /center>


Im a Bush fan and i have bootleg songs of to speak.......Frank nice hompage......oh by te way tell Marcos that his heavy metal -beep- sucks....

You need to......


Mike Durukee

Well, a little city boy and i like to ....well you "online".Personaly i think cpu's are complicated.I heard you need a modem or something like that....i dont have one yet....but when i do....oh boy it will be fun.Sometimes whe n im in the bathtub.....i rub nice cream on myself and i like to sing songs and dance around in a little balleria skirt. But you see i have this shadow and he's always lookin to choke me and i feel very silly about this...The other day i had my nails done at the auto mechanic store....and i had an accident.Well i has getting my funny lookin nails in the grinder and a big man was lookin to choke me.I knew he was going after me so i tried to run and as he neared me his big shadow grew bigger and bigger and the cold atmosphere of the place grew colder.I tried to run and i was he towered over me i screamed like this "aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh" and i finally got my hand out of the grinder but it was to late.I took off running but my pink ballerina ski rt flew off and i fell in the mud.I only asked the guy to leave me alone and he beat me unmercufully and my teeth fell of and landed in my wig on the floor.And they all laughed at me and i was lying there in my own piss and blood feeling very sickly.Oh by the way you know what time it see the big man took my wristband off my watch and ate it. Well i must be going now i dont want to take up anymore of your precious by see ya later sparky!!!!----Nice hompage you silly littl e freak!


Dennis Missler

Neat concept


Hey! Who's the chic with the long hair sitting in front of the camera? Wait. Nevermind. It's Singer.


Well awww heck im just sittin in my pair of boots lookin at your gosh golly cpu.But i think cpu or whatever ya all call them down there stink like horse beep.Anyway i have this i think its a comador and its a beut it can beat you stupid cpus at wo rk anyday.




Don't do it, Frank! Just say "NO"!

Jim Runkel

Fascinating Page Frank! Just got my QuickCam, I would loveto get my hands on your WinBatch batchto see how you do that.Bye for now.

Rich fortnum

Heh, she's cute!Cheers!

Thomas Fritz

Humm... dark... no image... hummm... no see... me Org, of Cave #149 in Big Valley... by little creek... hummm... too salty me not drink.--tlf, CEO

Bob Fosina

The room was dark. Where is everyone? You should put up a static picture of the whole group after hours.Bob


Good morning!

Pete Leftwich

The pic of the office is JUST like 1/2 of a realimage, it was working yesterday.What's wrong with it!? Pete

Linda More

I'm at home from work today so I enjoyed seeing ya'll work. Thanks for helping me enjoy my timeat home. Have a nice weekend.

Eduardo Garcia

Greetings from Madrid, global communication pioneer!

Rene Bonte

I will try this again when I have a Java enabled browser. Greetings from The Netherlands.

Benito Garcia Santamaria


Looking forward to seeing this in "livin' color."

Ivan Thomson

Visit our camera at




hi frank. it is very interesting. congratulations and many thanks for your page.see you and best regards from madrid in spain

Miguel A.

Hello. I am a spanish from Barcelona.I don't speak english.I search cameras pages, your page is original,this picture is your room?See you Later...ADIOS DESDE BARCELONA

Frank & RIch

Do some work... we're watching you. Pcexpo

The Crew

We could say the same for you guys....


I have a video camera and a performa 5320 (with video board) is it possible to send images by internet and how ?


I'm the 365'th visitor. Did I win?

Eric Simpson

This is really kewl.


Don't ruin your life, Frank. All this web designing talent will just go to waste. You'll wind up working all day and babysitting all night. Think man, Think!!!

matt sinclair

Just stopped to say hello

Don Hartlieb

Thanks Frank, we'll be watching you from The Observation Deck at Dons Shop, on the People menu... Great use of frames... Don Hartlieb "You're either growing or you're dying"


smile.....just for no reason at all.

Warren Tucker

Hello to you from the wilds of Staffordshire in a little village called Barton Under Needwood. Nice to see people working when I've finished for the day. All the best Warren.

Jesper Klingvall

Jon Wagner

This is cool! Love the Page! I might have to get one of these quick cams :) Great work Frank!

Dave Hoffmann

What business ( or type of buiness ) am I looking at? If you check out my page --> you will see that I have you in there as one of my links. See ya!

Miss Misery

Miss Misery or

This is my first time exploring the web. A friend said I should check out the spy cams cause i'm somewhat of a voyuer. Where's the show? Thanks for the peek! :-}

Tushar Amin

I like the change from black&white to color. Now I can really get a good idea about how bad of a dresser Johnn Carden is.

Jürgen Keller

All I need to know about life, I learned from watching Star Trek Ich grüße alle! Und den Rest der Welt

Dave Ruvo

Support with our Softball Fans has been very weak in past few weeks... Please let everyone know since frank took one for the team our fans are on the way back.

Daniel Reyes

Nice looking page...I like the quickcam image. Very nice indeed.

Stephen Cavers

Say, you guys seem to work very hard. Is that because of the camera?

Don Hartlieb

I added a note to your link to make people aware of your new CubeCam. Did you water the plant before the holiday. The Observation Deck at Dons Shop Don Hartlieb "You're either growing or you're dying"

Jack Lee

Nobody Home, hope you had a great holiday. I worked and i'm wasting time...or making time. Whichever

Peter T

Bugger all is happening. You need a bigger bulb.

Chris Jankiewicz

What do you guys do all day? Just sit there and play with the cam....I WANT ONE! Accually I have a greyscale quickcam but I want color damn it!!

Simon Rheaume

GREAT HOME PAGE! I especially liked the WorkCam section. Even though there was little action, it was fun to see you (or more accurately, to see your back!). I'm actually considering buying a QuickCam, but I guess a 14.4k connection just wouldn't do it. Congratulations again for your web site! SPR

The Dart Lady

I was wondering do you usually leave the room if you want to pick your nose or scratch your butt?


Like, turn some lights on or something. we can't see the chicks. I bet you guys score a lot dont you?


I enjoy checking out live cam sights and such.

Paolo Gangini

CIAO at everybody!!


little crazy, isn´t it?

Edward Doan

Nice office you guys have there

Gianpiero Meazza

Great job, Frank! I also have a Color QuickCam feeding a web page. Unfortunately it's inside my company's firewall, no chance you can get to it. :-( How do you get such a clean image with low lighting? My camera has a much more noisy output, do you think there is something wrong with my device?

Rob McKnight

Hi Frank, thanks for explaining how to set up a 'work- cam.' I just bought a quickcam and thought I would try to do the same thing. I appreciate the explanation.

Dustin McCleoud

-Dec 1989 The days grow longer here.......but the hope just runs with me.The forest just grinds me down with every little expectaion we have.All alone being silent as i always could....but i must be an acrobat to talk like this an actlike that.Im so lo st in these red pines of skyscrapers........compass is lost and only the floating brain will help me now..Faded styles always stick round here in the rough easy going land.Lan so hard it hurts to think about.....running with the swift love of the tribal d blue green lights flash ahead of me.but ill only be lucky if i make it there.Few make it cause of there so called talent or just connections....Around here money practicly grows on need no time....just the basics..or the beging of life.....the way it should have stayed.Laying under the stars ....with the silouett of the dark trees....and the swift purple skys.....roll over a game its only life.Sick......demented....horrifing world around me beyond my thoughts beyond my fo rest.............AT

Damon Whatley

So what do you guys do there anyway?

Dustin McCleaud

Feb 1897, Visions,Comming from the abstract world.If i had it all again i change it all.....Being wierd colorful but dark.Not being happy but just being what you can always feel.Dreams falling from the sky like a bullet with secret exectaio ns.Killing the hopes....making them real......this time will be real.Now seeing silver laughing at me...being so perfect but so foolish.He just sits back for a while......knowing how to except the jealousy.But the time is now to strike but time will repeat it self as i predicted.Oceans like crystals.......sand like lions......trees like oak doors......water like freash air......blood is like wine......never unconcious all the time.Now running from it all.....colors so beautiful to the o ptomistic ones....dark so handsome to the pestimestic standing on the hand of time.....not sure how to fall....."but i dont want to come down from this cloud" it really has taken me this longest time to get so high but now we must leave and cr oss the error of the tide.Water drips in the dark clear but oh so mysterious.....lions are now hunting and the sand is quicksand....trees falling.......blood is pouring out to the ground.....Echo's come about here for the sins tring to make th ere way back to sound to be heard.....this will numb you for the time being.....climbing up the dark scary comforting tunnel climbing to the top seeing the light.....up there at the top looking down in the cave ......up here seeing c olors...up here in the middle where anyrthing occurs is were ill stay.....

Thomas Witeck

Hey, this is pretty cool! Where can I get one?


Someday I'm going to get a Quick cam....VERRRY INTERESTING!!

Stan Olson

just wanted to say good job on the page!

Daniel Postellon

Marc P

Does anyone ever take out the camera when they shoot hoops, especially with the koosh balls? And how much gets done around Quake sessions? P.S. Tell Rob T. "Looking real good there buddy!"

Steve Grabhorn

what a creative page! really, really nice work. we got lot's of laugh's reading your individual descriptions. thanks!


So Frank, what do you do in your free time?


like the page, the cameras and the worker profiles are excellent

Javier Escajadillo


Javier Escajadillo


Mike Hanrahan

Just thought I'd say Hello, and ask how are things going?

Roger Hamelers

Hi, nice office and a nice clean picture! (26/07/96)

I am watching you 12 hours a day
I watch you 12 hours a day

I watch your every move, 12 hours a day.

Kirk Peurrung

Where would you say the best place for information on learning HTML is? You have a pretty cool web site butl, and dont't ber alarmed. I think there is a dinosaur on your lamp. Just be careful.

Dave Ruvo

You guys better show up to play today, not just come and make errors. follow the leader (me) and you guys will be fine.

Work-Cam Admin

Just a test. Please ignore. DO not concern yourself with this test. STop reading already! scroll down...

Jason Hawksworth

Looks like you guys are hard at work

Im waching you
Im watching you

Ya know, you shouldnt stare at the computer screen for that long. Turn on some lights. Ill watch and make sure u do.

Im watching

Out to lunch I see....or perhaps dinner?

Watchin' You
Not Home Right Now?

Ill wait a few hours until I see you again. -JG


So what do I say?! I say - pretty cool! I like the background on your GUESTBOOK page. The Java is wild [pages turning, camera's spinning


great web site.thanks for all the pix.


hey dudes why don't you guys move a little bit for me.

Im back
and Im watchin you

Nice Butt!

Pam Cantleberry

Hello Boys
You are looking very

HOT today.

Beef Hartington

Do you ever have any... you know.. naked girls walk by?

Larry Thomas

Pretty cool Frank!!! How about waving to the camera?


Frankie P is really cool!! Happy Birthday big boy!!!!!!! From you favorite roomate !!

Jamie Doherty

Hi from Canada! It's good to see you hard at work while I surf the Web! Pretty cool page, I enjoyed it. Well, have fun Frank. Take it easy, Jamie Doherty Ottawa, Canada

Thomas Pedersen

I've never seen so many mud addicts in my life!!!

luis e rojas

great shoot of john carden, go job.

Orly Andico


daniel groove

check out my homepage at thanx dan

Rick Rock

Who ever did your lighting give them a raise.Keep up the good work.

Mike Schnitzer

I am gonna keep my eye on you guys. Been nice working with y'all.

Leif Frederiksen

have a goood day

Tony and Shawn

Go Frank Go!

Gerhard Siegesmund

Keep up the good work. Don't do too much! :-)


Glad to see that one of us is working


It's 2:44 am and the picture says it's live - the clock on the wall says about 10:50 !!! What's up with that?

J Meeks

That's about the first I've seen of White Plains since I was 2 years old and moved to Richmond (my parents moved too once they discovered I'd gone). Thanks for the view!

Marcus & Klas

Hey guys! We didn't see you working. WHAT ARE YOU DOING???


nice clear picture. would love to see more action though.


Just to say Hi and execellent page.

Daniel Parker

Cool View.

Tony Pistachio

Tony was here. I'll be back

Dennis Missler

Why ?


Pretty Cool! One of the best I have seen!!!


great pic frank, and thanks for information. Mark

Matt Williams

I never see you Hmmm... ill have to look more

Marco Wegmann & Manfred Mrak

What's your job, you stupid assholes?????

jean adams

what a fun time i have had---keep it coming!

Bruce Torelli

Its pretty neat Frank, I appreciate your creativity.

Ryan Robbins

Busy office...I think. Hello from Boston, MA What do you do here?


John DOE

well i have one thing to say. 1-800-94jenny call now while you can BIG GUY

David James

Interesting - but where did you guys go?

K. T. All guys really do nothing...hmm....

Lapo Sergi

Bella casa!


Have a happy day!


I'm just checking your site out. I would like to get a camera and communicate with my friends around the coountry. I have a "Snappy" and it works fine, big files though and slow computers take a long time to download the images.


Are you guys playing Hacky Sack again? The camera is pointing at the ceiling again!!!

Jim Kopf

Hi Frank, Nice looking office (I guess). The picture is a little dark? I can see the crt's and the light coming in the windows, but............... ok, was a nice visit anyway Jim

just because one can do something, doesn't mean one should.

RuDe B0y

Not guna get it

Where is that Bart Simpson looking guy? He was cute!

Doug Grover

Very interesting site. Who was the lady? Must be lunch time, no one around.

Dean Isenberg

Of all the cam sites on the net, your's seems to be the coolest! I am thinking of doing something like this in my office or in one of our limos or busses. I have no idea where to begin. I would love to talk to you for a minute so you could steer me in the right direction, If you have a minute please call me at 1-800-819-5466 or E-mail me at Thank you in advance !!!!!!! Dean Isenberg

Mike Brk.

cool, except not turning camera..;)

Alexander Olshansky

It's still not too late to say "no"! To quote Bob Dole: "Just don't do it!!!"


lots of fun keep it up

Jerry Pirkl

Well, I like your site.. I have a quick-cam but have not had much luck with Cu-Seeme yet...keep coming up with errors, but I keep trying.


Kann diese Forelle, die auf meiner Schwelle liegt leider nicht aufheben!!

Cutler Finell

I like the cool pictures that your camera took while it was off. I can't wait to come back here and see some more blank screens.



the rangers stink get to work

Ricky Thompson

Really, Kewl!


Looks interesting, what do you do?

heather larson

you need to get a real job!

Luc Jacobs

Hi everyone, Great shots. I enjoy working. I can watch it for hours. Greetings from Belgium.

Matthew Barkoff

Very cool! So how did you set up that camera to actually take a picture every hour? Very creative. Where ya located? Later! Matthew

Ronald Beaupre

Good looking Web Page. Keep up the good work.

Kaspar Zbinden

Hi Frank! have a nice day! I'll go home now and do some homework for tomorow (it's 15.00 in Switzerland) Kaspar

Nancy Bowman

Hi Frank, I viisited your site for the first time today. I caught you (or someone) in your office. I guess you were leaving the room. Oh well. Thanks for letting me "in." Nancy

Stefan Petersen

Amiga - SKÄRPNING!!!

P. Warnaar

They don't work. They are just sitting there!

Alessandra Corrado

Frank should stop working and relax

Paul Didden
Have'nt got one yet

I wasn't aware that even these things were possible on the Net. Wow. Perhaps because I'm just a Rookie. "See" ya later!

Marcelo Simões Rezende

Just: Funny! :)


get that /?#$@$%#^&$% thing outta this office!!!! is there no privacy to eating a jelly donut without having an audience watching me in color?


i don't know

Chris Salmon

Great page, it's really LIVE.


Nice Page,, Very good camera work.. If you Have Powwow, Then you Gotta check out POWPALS at HTTP:// POWPALS Is an Official download site for Powwow.

June & Stephen

Why weren't you working??????????


Can i get a job? Yall never seem to be working.... thats my type of job!!!!!!! :)


my cam page should be up soon! check it out at

Matt Helm...Repeat Visitor #0001EB1

Dot and all the others i have talked to are cool!! VINNY VINNY VINNY Vinny for President Year 2000!!!!

Jimmy Russell

I'm a high school freshman who is supposed to be working on the inernet in Portland Oregon!

Robert Johnson

Hi Frank, This is so awsome. I hope to hear from you soon. Have fun!! Robert

Nick Ramirez


john cline

Uh, yeah

Mike Schnitzer

Page looks great Frank. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. I, unlike you, had to work Friday. How's Jon like his new job? Oh well, maybe I'll see you guys soon. Later


the pictures to dark


What do you work about? How long?

Deborah M. Albert

This is really great! For some reason though, it stopped updating the chat on my end. I'll check out the "problems" secion. NOW GET BACK TO WORK! :)

Kathy ("Kat")

That's a temporary email address - will come back when I have a new one. This is an awesome site! I spoke briefly to Rich Masci - cool guy! I'm a 27-year old female transplant to Utah from New York City. I am married and have a 13 month old gi rl. I think I'm coming off a little boring in this message, but I'm actuallly pretty damn cool and funny (and humble, obviously). I'm sure I'll be back here some other time. I've bookmarked you guys - so look out! :)

Anastasia Hoyt

You guys are SO cool!

Hey Frank, have you sorted through all the marriage proposals you've been getting from the gay guys signing your guestbook?

Ian Bottomley

Was it as good for you as it was for me.


I'm a student sitting in a boring computer class and I was going through spy cam and came to this. It looks like you are really busy. I wish I was home in bed.

john komara

when will you be home?

Mike Tinskey

What a way to live. A whole new meaning to someone watching over. I'll stop in to check productivity again soon. Bye from Ford-world....




Nothing, really, just wanted to see if I could beat the next reload of your spycam... been watching you sit and stare at your monitor. Nothing better to do here in East TEnn. on this chilly, gray, cloudy Monday... c ya... turnkey



I want to say that this site is the worst I have ever seen. It really sucks. Get rid of it!!!



Greg Davis

This is cool Thanks

Chad Hartman

Why dont I see anyone when I look at your work cam Write back to me Chad@TheOffice.Net

DAVID swizzerland


Glenn Matsuki

Get to work! Happy New Year

no way

start to work

Megan Valanidas

I would like to set up my own online camera and Ineed serious HELP. If you have answers send them to me.

james d noel jr

Tim Lodder

A Happy New Year to the people in your office from the people in my office in Strasbourg, France.

John M. Kraft

Looks good!


last 10 pics were all the same time!! Good clear pics and SOOO exiting


love the special effects!

Gina Corgan

I agree with you Amy, very intresting propaganda:)

Amy Iha

Gina have you noticed the intresting fashion sense these so called "workers" have?

Gina Cobain

I spy with my little eye . . . . Frank in his cubical!! And yes i luv the stretch pants motif!

Amy Grohl

Gina notice how most of the people in this guest book know Frank "personally!?" (Happy Birthday Big Boy!! <-- perfect example!)

Gina Smear

Yes I have noticed this fact Amy. I have also noticed the good hospitality this page offers to all of it's viewer. I think you shoud have a Cube Club. Could me and Amy be president.

Amy Johns

Good idea Gina, We should have a mascot, maybe a African Mockingbird.

Gina Rossdale

Very intresting aura Amy. I like the way you r mixing the cultures. This could be an international franchise!!

Amy Joannou

Yes, but we need to know all the vital facts on Porkins "pals" like what do they do, and where there place of business is located??

Gina Navarro
you already know

Good call Amy, we also need a headquarters where we can distribute fan letters. Let's make it the tree house on Pine Street in Darren's backyard? What do u think amy?

Amy Gillies
u get the point

Very good motion by the president, as treasurer I have gathered a collection, and have started a fund for a P.O box #!!!!

Gina Obrotka
blah, blah, blah . . . .

Kep up the good work. A commercial is already in the works with live comment on the 1-800, 24 hour help line.

Amy aka The big brown eye!
umm, look it up!

Gina, what does this "help line" have to offer all its frankP. wannabes, oh yea, we can't forget the co-workers! Does this help line offer information on being a Kelly Girl!

Gina aka unabomber

Actually amy the position of a Kelly girl has already been filled, but I'm sure this work place needs help in the janitorial area. A little disinfectent and you'll be on your way! The help line is a number for infomation on contacting the worker s personal physics for reassuring people that they too can be just like one of them.

Amy And Gina

Sorry guess this is the last comment of the night. but r fan club has gathered up the most frequently asked questions of the clan. 1. Frank Perkins - how many megawatts of speed does your cube cam use?? 2. Marcos Carday - The females of the group would like to know if your number is 666-6969? 3. Mike Schnitzer - What exactly do u have against us stupid people? 4. John Carden - Do you perfer Trojan or Sheik? 5. Rich Masci - Do you have any nails? ( if not the treasury has enough money to spare 4 a box:) 6. Ryan Lafond - What is the greatest feature of a minivan?? 7. Alex Olshansky - On a sesame seed bun?? 8. Shelly Stroud - (more of a comment)Yea! Knicks suck!!!!! 9. Dorthy Hughes - What exactly is a real kelly girl? 10. Thomas Pederson - Did u know beer kills brain cells? cool . . . 11. Rob Turner - Do u eat "dolphin safe" bumble bee tuna?? 12. Frank Dally - What is a Jedi mind trick? 13. Anthony Diulio - phone jacks, huh? 14. Rich Singer - Tell us about what?? 15. Bogdian Wislocki - Did all those years of school help out with those segment dots?? 16. T-Rex - My mom could give u great recipies on squirrel delicasies! 17. Tony Pistachio - What r the qualifications of the man outside the room? 18. Chris Dillon - certain information??? the MODO:U got questions, we got answers!! Night night!!

Gina and amy

oops. Chris we meant to write Certain annoying people? This ain't us right??? bye

Frank Reuther


Mike Schnitzer

To Amy and Gina---I feel as I am no longer an employee at Kraft Foods that I cannot in good faith answer your question. Anyway, Frank quoted me out of context.

Mike Schnitzer

To Amy and Gina---I feel as I am no longer an employee at Kraft Foods that I cannot in good faith answer your question. Anyway, Frank quoted me out of context.


WebCam for my Server in Italy!- Information!

Dan Bowman

Both of us need to get a life.

Johan Henriksson

Very cool! I havent found one in sweden were i live

Why don't u be on the picture .

Montague 1

New here,Usually a Globe regular.

Andreas Standfuss

Hi I am from Germany and your Page is Super:-))

Stéphan Harnois
no address

There not much work being done right now ! Bye from Trois-Rivières, Québec Canada

Dave Williams

So here I am sitting looking at an empty room! Boy I must be crazyer than you is (HEH HEH) Greetings from beautiful downtown Halfmoon Bay BC On the Wonderful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia Canada of course! Stay outa trees! Buenos Noches.

igor maishlos

i found this page very good!!!


I hope you have a good weekend! In good old germany it is now 0:43 am and I have to work another view hours! But just (-: Best wishes to =I:-)=

frank perkins

If there is a young beautiful woman out there I sure desire to meet her.


Gee, I'm up working at 03:20 (local time) and all I get to see is an empty desk! Neat page but let's see some action next time :)

guillermo tigalo

lo felicito por su trabajo de investigacion. mi hijo Dario esta ahora en n.york y me gustaria que visite su estudio y vea su trabajo. tambien aprovecharia la oportudidad para verlo con su camara.gracias


Jamie Wilson

Go for it Frank

Hitoshi Inuzuka


Hey there! just checking out your cam page... saw the link at Cool beans! :D Well, see ya again! Robin


cool page, how do i setone up?? what do i need to do/?



Boris Doncov

I am a Product manager at Sony, in Montvale NJ for CCD cameras. Would like to visit your facility to discuss some business..Have 20 yrs experience in this field and many contacts in Japan etc..My work phone is (201)358-4180..Fax (201)358-4401. I a m on voice mail all the time talking to CCD OEM camera customers. Hardy use home E-mail like now. I know about Axion, Active Imaging, etc..and can possible interest you in a joint venture with Sony people in Japan...Also have a digital 1394 format X12 zoom camera for sale. No application programs are written for this unit yet...Give me a call at Sony. ..Boris

Boris Doncov

I am a Product Manager at Sony, Montvale NJ and would like to meet with you to discuss some business. I work only with OEM CCD camera customers and have many contacts in Japan who may be interested in joint venture with your company...My phone is (201) 358-4180, Fax (201) 358-4401. I am always on voice mail..too busy to talking to OEMs and their designs, etc. Give me a call if interested...

Daniel Johns

hi i'm daniel from silverchair.


Jess Angell

Where the hell are you guys? I assume its in the Eastern time zone. I'll stop back later. I'm in Atlanta (no, no bombs today)

Robin Springer

Nice meeting you :) Come visit my site sometime if you like, at: Take care~

Ryan Endress

Who are you?

Richard Gilley

Where do you work?


Nope, not asleep, but dead I think....

tim galvin

just droped in to take a look. i want to get a cam but it's so hard to get around with out it let alone with one. well thanks for your time got to go play with my two year old c-yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Laurence Timms

Nice to meet you. Have fun!

Paul van der Werff

I just bought my first computer. Internet opens a new world, It was nice to see your page. When my home page of my Grill Bar THE COACH HOUSE INN is ready, I will let you know.

Chris Nason

An awesome wep page, dammit! We need more like these on the web. It'd still make me paranoid,though!

Cyrille Beenhackker

Your site is great!! It gives a little more personal touch to the ever so big Internet World. CB


lets talk about life

William R Sowerbutts

Wow this desk is clean!

Rev. Marilyn Manson

uhhh.........wake up & uhhhh........smoke up

Adam Sniezko

Your WWW the Best.


Hi there, many greetings from Germany to you. I've looked on many Cams all over the world. But mostly it's dark or nobody is there.../ really boring. Have a nice day :-)


Howdy Frank, how's it hangin'? I'm in Anchorage, Alaska. It's nice and sunny today and the snow if finally melting. YEAH!!!


Howdy Frank, how's it hangin'? I'm in Anchorage, Alaska. It's nice and sunny today and the snow is finally melting. YEAH!!!


Howdy Frank, how's it hangin'? I'm in Anchorage, Alaska. It's nice and sunny today and the snow is finally melting. YEAH!!!



cable Guy

Best live web cam i have seen in a long, long time. Thanks so much just wish i found it sooner. I'll be back


What a beautiful "site".

hello, interesting site. trying to find a good deal on a "quickcam"any info appreciated!thanks.

Youri Litvine

What kind of work do you do?? Is it fun? fructuous? Party animal??

edward s. peterson


Cool site. I just don't know how you can work and chat at the same time. Hee hee!!!


Hello! Nice page! Pity you weren't there!

James Hinch

James Hinch

Hey There Franklin-Your lokking pretty fine in that picture!!

Phil Ward

Hello to you in NYC from Canada. Maybe one day we will be the 52nd state. Stay Cool....

S. Faerber

It was fun lookin'at cha. The Reading Class was impressed that I was able to "chat w/Frank"! We'll check in on ya later sometime.

Adrian Hudson

Good site. Pity I'm on the other side of the world and missed seeing you at work. Hey, why are the lights on at 6am ?

Frank Hemphill

Harold D. Branion

Lee Lord

This is a great site. I love CAMS and as I told you, so many sites to access in so little time. You put a lot of time an effort into this. Good job! Lee Lord NYC


I like the cam site, but only if someone was there to chat with.


Hi Frank! Hope your week went better than mine. This coming week I plan on having a Fantastic week!

Hugh G Reckshun




gina and amy have nothing to do

Don Haxton

The Hubble Space Telescope in looking in on you. Don Haxton code 440 Hubble Space Telescope Project Greenbelt, MD 20771


thanks for our contact contact and see you later

Mitch Lewis

You have a very nice webpage! This Is A Link!

Iain Gemmell

Just popped in from Scotland to say hello !!

Danny Perkins

Would like to hear from relatives of James H. Perkins, "Harry" from south-central Iowa and northern Missouri. He is my grandfather.

Marc (Sunny)

Cool webcam!


Hi, Frank. How are you? Is that "what I had for lunch thing" new? Cool idea. Your camera is the best in the world man! Keep up the good work, great site!

Tjerk R.J. de Vries

Nice Cam-Shots!!! I'm sorry i didn't catch you working!!!


I'm still laughing!! Frank, you're the man!! You deserve THE award for the coolest site on the net. Even better than the Finnish/Russian border cam!! (And that one's hard to beat).

David Haviland

Totally cool! Well done, please visit my feeble attempts at


This is really cool!

Stacey O'Donnell

Loved your site.



Fred Othold

your cam is absoluteley fabulous! unfortunately you weren't working... I'll come back to try your chat fascility. excuse my bad english, i'm watching from the northern oart of germany bye Fred

van Haarlem

greetings from holland!

Allyn Perkins


get a life


You have way too much time on your hands! : )

Stacey O'Donnell

Frank, I don't think I will ever get work done again! I even ran home to log in. Crazy! Thanks


Absolutely wonderful! Nice blue shirts too. ;-)


Well, I'm French and live in Paris. I actually am particularly impressed by your webpage!!!!!!! I'm to shy right now to engage a chat just like your "addicts" do . I may feel a little bit as a trouble maker in that incredibly friendly talk.!!! I 'll try to do better next time.


Just thought I would give you my last name. Lance Grieb.

Leo Roubos, Holland

Sorry you're not there. Have a nice weekend.

John Swofford

Pretty slick page, Frank. Good job.

Siggi T. from M.

I was here


well there,,,,,another frank perkins huh.....same here... cool site.... dont let your meatloaf!!!

Cousin Darlene :)

Well, with all I have done on computers, bbs's, the Internet, etc..this is by far the best :) To accidently find a cousing, even a somewhat removed one, on the Internet by accident, has to be the ultimate in kewlness...heheh..Laterz Cuz...

Fotis Prassas

This week i'm very crazy with camera's and i've seen so many site but you are so fine,extra good,cool i suppose creetings from thessaloniki (greece).

Fotis Prassas

This week i'm very crazy with camera's and i've seen so many sites but you are so fine,extra good,cool i suppose creetings from thessaloniki (Greece).

cathy hagemike

I was here u wasn't working hehehe I'll be back


Hey Frank! I get a kick out of lurking on your page, I haven't been able to drop in on you during your regular chat times so I've been reading the chat logs for fun. Feel like I know you, and Stacey and Marcos... Maybe I'll get a chance to drop in live soon. Cynthia--Yuba City, California

Chealsey Christina Cooper

When I went into Work-Cam your picture was there. You did not have many entries in your guest book so I decided to sign it. Have a great day-Bye!!!

Hank Dunckel

Don't you ever work, been here 10 times and you are never working at your desk. (hehehe) Maybe next time, hum...... NOT! H.D.



Cliff Blick

Great site..!!




Pauli Potinkara

It´s so great to have these kind of new possibilities to communicate. To all of you: welcome to visit Finland!


Hi Frank, Pretty neat little cubicle you work in. Is that also at Kraft Foods? Hey Nut, so you wanna be a webmaster I understand. Well keep up the good work and I'm sure some day you'll have what it takes. Have a good weekend. Roxy

Joe Walker

I looked in at your desk on a Sat. I'll have to come back during the week and see if you really work.


It doesn't look very busy at the moment. Here in new zealand it is 3pm and we are pretty busy.

George Dias

Love It!


hi frank i enjoyed watching you at work. have a great day!


You're my hero Frank...*blush* !!!!!

Georgia Tech Aerial Robotics

uuhh.. uhh... beavis, uhh.... this is cool... uhh..

Kathleen Dorntge

Happy FRIDAY!!!! :)

drmushrm for Shareware, Games, Wavs, and much more !!!

Christophe Bourdon

Really a cool site!


Thanks for the help on the Camera info! :) see you soon Maria, Tracey, and Susanne


G,day from Jonathan in Adelaide Australia


Just stoped bye to say hi,HI.

Gonzo The Great

Viva Frank!!!! Viva Las Vegas!!!!!

Howard Jones

The At-Work Cam is excellent! I'm gonna have to go out and buy a WebCam!


Did anyone ever tell you you are really hot???


sorry bout that. Like the page!!


Frank...I'm going to kill you. I liked the old (previous) design! I'm going to find out where you live, and I'm going to break into your house ... and I'm gonna shave your cat! Bwahahahahahahahahhahahaha! THEN you'll be sorry!


Seems like I got a new favorite chat site to go regularly. Greetings from Hamburg/Germany :-)

Fulvio Mondini

Ha ! Ten minutes of real fun... ;-))) Bye from Italy !

Kathy Dean

And I thought my job could be boring. I think I went to sleep watching you yawning.


Hi, Frank! Sorry I was so mean to you yesterday at Nick's!

Jay Thomas

Frank dog is in the HOUSE!! Yo homey your page is pretty cool. The Notorious F R A N K is one bad mo fo. hehe


Thanks for the BIG smile!

Joakim Johansson

Hello Frank/Dilbert ! Now i know what Dilberts cubicle looks like 4real. Regards/JJ

Robert Puckett (Lil' Ross Jr.)

Hail Frank Perkins... Try searching C-Net and you'll find Frank Perkins mighty Tree Surgeon...

Ray Tynemouth

I've enjoyed reading your pages, despite the spelling errors which are typical of our former colonies. I will be back to see if you managed to correct them.


Crazy!!! Some very strange people seem to pop in here. I am full of BS but I never know when to stop taking people serious...

Scott B

I like you At Work Cam! Bye!!

Ray Tynemouth

There is not enough room to point out all your spelling errors, Frank. I'm sure Mike Calanan lives in Niagara, not "Niagra", that Julie is "getting used to....", that your Fun Stuff page is not "embarrassing" nor "sponsored". BTW I'm English, not French, living in retirement in Provence. I think I'm perhaps too old at 62 to rate on your friends' page!

Jethro (Jerry M.)

Hey having a great time chattinng with the regular folks.

friend's pc

even heineken couldn't reach you

Morten Fischer

Fun! Fun! Fun! .... Work! Work! Work!


Is Dorthy single? Woo hoo baby!

serri suggestions on something PRODUCTIVE I can do with my time? anyone? God, help me!

John F. Kennedy

Hey Frank you're a pretty brave man! lol I'm on mission impossible: To Sign EVERY Guestbook in the world.Yours is the 94th guestbook I've signed since I started counting. If I haven't signed someone's come and visit me in Tokyo:


Hey ya Frank.. just wanted to let you know that i have linked to your page from you should feel special cuz you are the first camera link i post!! hehe WHEN WE PLAYIN QUAKE? hehe Later, Greg


Uhhh mm umm so sup Frank??? And where are you anwayz? Well so this chat is kinda weird but I go here anyways cause I'm weird to so anyays CYAs

Lil' Suga

Waz Up!!?! Suga in da house! Comin at ya full blow. Yo Coolyo you spelt it wrong spose to spell it like dis: Coolio, And hey frank why arnt you guys working and whats up wit the pics I've seen all of them so it can't be live you just rotate them, so don't play everyone like dat. I mean the stuff on here is kinda cool but how long does your chat page take to open up! well gots to jet cyas : )


Thought I was the only one having to much fun, and taking to many naps at work! Check ya'll out later! :-)


That's the spirit, Frank! If you're not smart enough to keep up, ban her! Or intercept and change her comments! Now you're gettin' creative! It takes a big man with BIG BALLS to avoid confrontation rather than face it! It's a shame you're so easily intimidated! Oh well. I gave you a chance, but you have proven yourself to be the ultimate loser. What a pity. Anyway, since I can't put my comments on your chat page, I thought I could at least put them here. One day when you're not such a spineless pussy, you may let me back on... A girl can only dream though, huh? Take care, imbecile, Heidi


Remember me???


I would like to say that I'm gonna be here quite a lot. Due to intense media pressure.


well,guys,girls,gays maybe,what do you folks want me to do for fun.

Lori Permut

Cool page. veeeeeeeeery creative!


Frank, I'll be back. I like the fact you think I argue like a man. But in truth I have the breasts of a Goddess. I'll be coming a knockin...

Terry Mitchell

Funny page !! I will make a like to yours !!! Terry from Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Thanks, Ray (Ray Tynemouth, for pointing out that "Niagara" thing to Frank; it's been bugging me ever since he put it up! I hope he gets off his chicken-eating butt to read this guest book... Check out the Niagara Cascades, live, at, or my home page at p.s. Ray, the punctuation belongs inside of the quotes (at least here in the "Old Colonies"). :)


great page...remember life is something we have to do. By being sincere and fair when dealing with people, and being able to smile because you can always find the good in every situation, you will possess and attractive peronality...and with that comes relationships that make you want to do this life thing right! excerpt from "The life of a hazy, crazy Rat" 1998.


Hi I am Bart I'm just taking my first steps in the wonderworld of internet my adres I like your cool pages bye!

Dave Askren

Frank, Great web site. I enjoy killing time at work watching you kill time at work! Have fun!!!!


Frank, A very cool set up you have. It seems like you have a lot of fun at work and some real neat co-workers/friends. I think you should shave your head like Masci. I think with your fun looking personality (based only on the easy going pictures) coupled with a shaved head.....You would be a wild man!! Anyway....enjoyed the page very much. It was real creative, original and fun. I wish I worked with who you work with. Any job openings? LOL....CT here in Fairfield County. Take Care and good luck on more awards. BOND, James Bond


Frank, A very cool set up you have. It seems like you have a lot of fun at work and some real neat co-workers/friends. I think you should shave your head like Masci. I think with your fun looking personality (based only on the easy going pictures) coupled with a shaved head.....You would be a wild man!! Anyway....enjoyed the page very much. It was real creative, original and fun. I wish I worked with who you work with. Any job openings? LOL....CT here in Fairfield County. Take Care and good luck on more awards. BOND, James Bond

Nicky P

I stumbled across your site here and have to tell you -- it's great!! I'll check in periodically. (You're pretty hot, by the way, too....)

Nicky P

I stumbled across your site here and have to tell you -- it's great!! I'll check in periodically. (You're pretty hot, by the way, too....)





Susan Roberts

Cool site - been fascinated this afternoon while boss in meeting just browsing through cam sites. What a way to spend a couple of hours huh? But will return again.


I think you are so cute. You remind me of a cute cudable teddy bear How does this site work I think it is fun.Do you ever get on the Internet phone? That's where I hang out,it is fun too.I can hear and speak to people all over the world.Come there some time.Bye stay sweet.

Katherine "Kat" Stigen


This page really sucks i never seen the camera ever working I nominate you for the suckiest webcam page of the year


One of the more interesting sites that I have seen. Better quality pictures and the captions are pretty cool. All in all, B+.


Incredible! It makes me laugh... What I prefer in your best-of is dance.Now I know how to become a spice girl!


Incredible! It makes me laugh... What I prefer in your best-of is dance.Now I know how to become a spice girl!

James L. Standlee

Hi! Just looking around from my office in my home. See Ya Jim


What a hoot!!!!! Maybe I should put one in my office?