Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you do this?

Why do you watch? It's fun.

Why don't I see a picture or just a partial picture?
Try reloading. If that doesn't work then clear out your cache. If that still doesn't fix your problem then ask me. The camera might have stopped working.

Why isn't the picture updating?
Try reloading. If that doesn't work then most likely the cam stopped taking pics. Just tell me and I'll fix it.

Where is everyone?
The cam is live 9am-5pm EDT Monday-Friday. When the cam isn't live, it cycles through BestOf archive. However, just because I'm not live doesn't mean that nobody is around. Go to the Chat and there is bound to be someone lurking.

The counter went negative!?
The counter isn't directly connected to the refreshing of the page. The refresh of the page is done by a tag while the counter is written in Javascript.

Are you Frank?
*sigh* Yes.

Where are all the naked girls?
You just missed them! They were just here and boy did they put on a show!

Where do you work?
Rye, NY

Did you just pick your nose?
Nope! It was just a scratch!

Is this your job?
I'm a web programmer/hacker/unix admin.

How long has the At Work-Cam been around?
Since May of 1996.

Did you write the chat yourself?
Yes. It's written in Perl.

What do you use to take the picture?
The camera is a Connectix color Quickcam. I use WebCam32 that automates the picture taking and FTP upload process.

If you still have a question about the AWC, then please email me at