Title: Extreme measures.
Summary: Sometimes even coffee won't help you stay awake
Sent in by: Schlect

Title: Good Morning!
Summary: Frank happily awakes from a dream, only to realize a few moments later he is still at work
Sent in by: Mary Ann

Title: Human Pretzel
Summary: After seeing "America's Funniest Contortionists" on TV, Frank tries some of the "do-not-attempt-at-home" poses.
Sent in by: Mary Ann

Title: Vulcan Mind Meld
Summary: Frank tries a vulcan mind meld on himself not knowing that you need two minds.
Sent in by: Schlect

Title: Our Hero hard at work
Summary: Exhausted from SQL queries, Frank tries to take a power nap
Sent in by: Ross

Title: Another Tuesday
Summary: Just returned from Alien beings, Frank tries to look in his SQL book to find the answers to his sleepiness.
Sent in by: Greg

Title: Headache
Summary: Frank's brain induces a coma to give him the necessary REM that he needs so badly
Sent in by: Schlect

Title: Donuts...
Summary: Dreaming about being a Police Officer, Frank pictures himself in a pool of jelly donuts
Sent in by: Morten

Title: Popping Pills
Summary: Being up for days, working diligently.. Frank takes some kind of horse tranquilizers to get some much needed rest.
Sent in by: (unknown)

Title: Supernatural Forces
Summary: Invisible bonds bind Frank's hands over his head, pulling him towards the ceiling (either that or just yawning)
Sent in by: (unknown)

Title: Big Run
Summary: Frank puts his hands over his head to get more oxygen to his brain... unfortunately this didn't work and Frank falls into a deep sleep.
Sent in by: (unknown)

Title: Sleeping Gas
Summary: FBI Agents raid Frank's home and sneak sleeping gas in his apartment. Unbeknownst to Frank, the source code of his home built chat is stolen and sent to Bill Gates.
Sent in by: (unknown)

Title: Praying
Summary: Even the gods can't help Frank find a minute of shut-eye.
Sent in by: Lance

Title: Sleep Warp
Summary: Frank attempts to blur himself with a magic spell that Vond has given him. The spell backfires and Frank is thrown into a sleeply state.
Sent in by: Mike

Title: Stolen!
Summary: Frank falls asleep and someone takes all his posters down in his cube!
Sent in by: (unknown)

Title: Crazy Glue
Summary: Another not so funny practical joke. Someone crazy glues franks hand to his forehead.
Sent in by: Schlect