Title: Stupid Frank Trick #454
Summary: 5 minutes late the same exact spoon, not a replica!, was used for eating some mashed potatoes.
Sent in by: Mary Ann

Title: Not a Ginsu
Summary: Per request, Frank proves that a plastic knife isn't as sharp as a Ginsu
Sent in by: Stace

Title: Gun Point
Summary: Held by gunpoint, Frank is forced to wave at some random drone.
Sent in by: Julie

Title: SpiceTv
Summary: Frank's partner in crime, Spice, sends him an encrypted msg. What is she saying!
Sent in by: (myself)

Title: Smooch
Summary: Frank says the bad vowel, "o" and is forced to make up for his sinful actions. This picture would later be used as a birthday present.
Sent in by: Karen

Title: Big Smile
Summary: A rocket launcher is held to Frank's head and he is forced to smile for the cam.
Sent in by: Jules

Title: Dare
Summary: On a dare, Frank tries to see if his green highlighter is edible
Sent in by: Jules

Title: Proof
Summary: Frank shows his tongue for the online doctor. 50 dollars was billed to his Amex card for the virtual visit.
Sent in by: Mike

Title: For Smartlink
Summary: I guess I fulfilled some kind of fetish...
Sent in by: Smartlink dude

Title: For Charlie
Summary: Another person demands to see my middle finger
Sent in by: Charlie

Title: UFO
Summary: Frank tries to catch the UFO hovering over his left hand.
Sent in by: Rossbert