Title: Lesbians
Summary: The AWC's first lesbian encounter.
Sent in by: Mary Ann

Title: Candy
Summary: Frank lures Schlect into his cube with some Candy.
Sent in by: Julie

Title: Schlect!
Summary: Schlect tries to break into Avon to see me!
Sent in by: Julie

Title: Pout
Summary: A pouting fit occurs when Frank is forced to wear his security ID
Sent in by: Stace

Title: Pig-Tails
Summary: Frank tries to see how he would look with pig-tails.
Sent in by: Julie

Title: Cloned
Summary: Frank clones himself but unfortunately it turned out like Marcos.
Sent in by: Julie

Title: Real Doll
Summary: Someone shows Frank the RealDoll site.
Sent in by: Julie

Title: Sniper
Summary: Unknowingly, an armed assailant sent by Nick gets ready to take out Frank.
Sent in by: Mentat

Title: Kentucky Fried Chicken Call
Summary: "I laugh at your offer! I will never leave BC!"
Sent in by: Mary Ann

Title: Knock you out
Summary: Inspired by the LL Cool J song
Sent in by: Morten

Title: Birthday Kiss
Summary: A virtual kiss!
Sent in by: Liesel

Title: Magic Trick
Summary: Frank tries to do a magic trick. A minute later he disappears and goes to lunch
Sent in by: Julie

Title: Inspired by LL Cool J
Summary: (Deja vu?)
Sent in by: Maniac

Title: Tough guy
Summary: Frank reaches for a weapon... nobody takes my cam!
Sent in by: Mike

Title: Side Job
Summary: Frank gets a side job at Avon. Testing skin care products. Most seem to make him fall asleep....
Sent in by: Mike

Title: Butt Cam
Summary: I hope no gay men see this pic. Not that there is anything wrong with that!
Sent in by: (unknown) <- and that is not my sexuality!

Title: More side jobs
Summary: umm. side... mashed potatoes.. umm... Frank tried on the newest product of the month. Crimson Red Nail Polish.
Sent in by: Philip

Title: X-Mas Lights
Summary: This guy couldn't figure out why I had x-mas lights in August. Some people can be so dense!
Sent in by: (unknown)

Title: Cool Stuff!
Summary: A pic of all the cool stuff Stacey sent me!
Sent in by: (myself)

Title: Point?
Summary: Is there a point to this story??
Sent in by: Philip