Title: Old Cube
Summary: Frank's old cube at Kraft Foods. "Work was done here"
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Title: The Old War Room
Summary: Defcon 5 can still be heard echoing through the night....
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Title: Alex Young
Summary: Alex does his Steve Young impression. A week later he was drafted by the Bears to replace "The Fridge"
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Title: Rob's Baby Shower 2
Summary: Always room for Jello at a party
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Title: Rob's Baby Shower
Summary: Free food attracted a lot of Kraft people to this party
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Title: Sleeping
Summary: John is caught sleeping on the table, even though he claims it was a 2 second nap. How is the phone closet Johnny?
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Title: Grooming
Summary: Dorthy doing her hair.
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Title: Hmm...
Summary: Is Dorthy burping or thinking? I dont remember smelling anything burning so...
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Title: Sneaking a Peek
Summary: Caught looking at Dorthy's butt. Are those Bugle Boy jeans you are wearing?
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Title: A Pick!
Summary: Cenzo caught picking his nose! He later wiped it on Marcos.
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