Title: Drink!
Summary: Inspired from his college days, Frank tries to see how fast he can guzzle his tea down.
Sent in by: Mary Ann

Title: Brushing Teeth
Summary: Rule #1) Never let em see you sweat or with Turkey inbetween your teeth
Sent in by: DCM

Title: Fingernail snack
Summary: Fingernails make a good appetizer to Boston Market
Sent in by: Julie

Title: Kenny Rogers
Summary: Boy.. that Kenny Rodgers sure does make a tasty chicken
Sent in by: Julie

Title: Eating Pizza
Summary: Frank's SpiceTv impression didnt go over well...
Sent in by: Schlect

Title: Office supplies are food too.
Summary: The staples were hard to digest (like corn)
Sent in by: Julie

Title: Cup?
Summary: Frank tries to decipher this new and strange device
Sent in by: (unknown)

Title: Ruler
Summary: Frank stares at a Ham Carver and knaws on his ruler. Size doesn't matter!
Sent in by: Lance

Title: Yeow!
Summary: Ok, who put that burrito in the microwave for 10 minutes!
Sent in by: Vond

Title: Capri Sun
Summary: Frank is attacked by a carnivorous Capri Sun!
Sent in by: (unknown)

Title: Yelling
Summary: Frank never lets his food talk back to him!
Sent in by: Lance