Title: PamLee
Summary: The Pamela/Tommy Lee video was just too much for Frank.
Sent in by: Mary Ann

Title: The Jerk
Summary: Was the cam on!
Sent in by: DCM

Title: SuperFrank
Summary: Even thought he seems to have his arms in the correct position, Frank still can't seem to fly.
Sent in by: Mary Ann

Title: Egg Cam
Summary: A nosey coworker has a hard time believing that Frank's cam is actually an egg. Luckily, no frying pan was around.
Sent in by: Mary Ann

Title: Ring Slide
Summary: Frank is caught in the morning putting on his fake wedding band.
Sent in by: Stacey

Title: Praying
Summary: Frank is caught praying for the cloud9 lag monster to leave his chat room
Sent in by: Mentat

Title: Spitball Fight!
Summary: Frank laughs uncontrollably as one of the floating heads takes a spitball to the face.
Sent in by: Julie

Title: Time Life!
Summary: Frank is estatic over a job offer to work for the Time Life people.
Sent in by: Criminilli

Title: Blue Pants
Summary: Frank stands!
Sent in by: Julie

Title: Laughing
Summary: Frank and Masci watch the SouthPark movie clip.
Sent in by: Morten

Title: Scratch!
Summary: I think the judges ruled it was just a scratch!
Sent in by: (unknown)

Title: Sniff
Summary: Frank is forced to test the newest Avon Perfume. Skunkchel.
Sent in by: Andy