Title: Warped
Summary: Liesel is kind enough to test Frank's "Acme Beam Me Over" do-it-yourself kit.
Sent in by: Liesel

Title: Devil
Summary: Frank sells his soul to Micro$oft
Sent in by: Patrick

Title: Dreaming
Summary: Frank daydreams about sleeping which creates a rift in the the space-time continuum.
Sent in by: Sharyn

Title: BDSM
Summary: Frank haphazardly tries on his new gimp costume at work, but fails to read the warning label. He later needs the jaws of life to get him out.
Sent in by: DCM

Title: Political Satire
Summary: Frank takes a hard nose policy to swearing on his chat.
Sent in by: Rossbert

Title: FrankenStern
Summary: Using some schematics from the movie "The Fly", Frank morphs himself with the image of Howard Stern. A few months later he gets married and is stricken to a life of celibacy.
Sent in by: Liesel

Title: FrankTv T-Shirt
Summary: One of the logos for the FrankTv T-shirt. Unfortunately, Frank decided to invest his money in the "Frank RealDoll".
Sent in by: Cyn

Title: BC Mad Cow
Summary: Frank becomes sickly to the little know virii called "Mad Turkey Carver"
Sent in by: Vincent