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At Work Chat

All good things must come to an end. It’s been a long time coming and due to another hosting move, I decided not to rewrite the chat in php. That actually would be ironic because the language progression has been Perl -> PHP -> .Net 1.1 -> .Net 2.0 -> PHP.

What’s even more ironic is that I really love Facebook and a lot of the elements that I love about Facebook were incorporated into the chat over 10 years ago. Things like status, uploading photos, superpoke.

The webcam is still live though and you can watch me work since ’96. Here is a list of all the items that you can still peruse.

My first ever newsgroup post

Well, I think it’s my first. was my first email address. Pretty funny.

From: Frank Perkins (
Subject: No cd needed
Date: 1996/05/07

I have a patch that i ‘got’ that will allow you play d2
without the cdrom.

Just thought you would like to know.

Frank Perkins
aka StormShadow

Stormshadow! That’s classic.

Here are some more old posts. Props to google for saving them all!